Andrea Masters & Martha Pedersen cutting Centennial Cake


Library Director: Andrea Masters

Assistant Librarian: Martha Pedersen

Library Assistants: Joan Kurtz & Shelley O'Donnell


Bobbi Bunker, Anne Dunne, Beth Ellis, Barbara Flaherty, Brenda Killourie, Mary Lou Levine  (summer only), Barbara Magoun, Sue Nickerson, Johanna Riley (winter only), Pauline Rouillard, Ellie Tolland, and Sally Treadwell.

If you would like to volunteer at the library, please contact Martha Pedersen, our assistant librarian who is in charge of coordinating the volunteers.

Board of Directors:

President: Laurel Ekberg

Vice President: Krissy Fraser

Secretary: Kim Kleinpeter

Treasurer: Dick McClure

Judy Burgess

Laurel Ekberg

Eliza Juliano

Suzanne McCarthy

Mary Power


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